Currency Pairs

One of the most popular trading methods, currency pairs trading opens a new world of opportunities, expanding investment opportunities to movements in the most important markets around the globe alongside developing and emerging ones.

Take a position, hedge your risks and designate a portfolio with cross assets methods via our streamlined platform.


Agile Tools
TeraMusu's agile platform opens a wealth of opportunities by utilizing the cutting edge and cross assets platform that consolidates all your investments in one interface.
International Coverage
Currencies from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Canada and USA are available for diversifying your investment portfolio around the clock to curate your own strategy.
Comprehensive Access
Dozens of markets open up to your investments, providing numerous combinations of currency pairs for immediate trade while allowing comprehensive access to markets movements.
Power of Relativity
Maximizing the interdependent relationships between currencies from all around the world provides a sophisticated trading method for a diversified portfolio.
Trade on competing
economies on the move!
Free of commissions and charges, dozens of trades are available
for trading on a variety of assets
CFDMix and hedge
your funds
The materials that
drive the economy
across classes
Biggest corporations
in the world